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Trust. Honesty. Experience.

AV Inwestor is a joint-stock company operating since 2000 year.

We belong to a small group of private investment banks with leading Polish capital.


We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of lending

and financial management of enterprises and Investment projects.


Since 2007 we have been making our own investments from our own capital resources in cooperation with 

Polish and foreign strategic and 

institutional Investors.


In the years 2004-2018, we provided debt financing

in the amount of PLN 220 million (in total) on 

behalf of our clients. Companies with our capital shareholding have equity capital of approximately PLN 160 million. 

Our clients are wealthy people and companies with a high growth 

potential interestedin the implementation of projects over 20 million PLN.


Our goal

Generation revenue

AV Inwestor S. A. was established after many years of work in the 

business sector and investment. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs 

transform their own ideas and visions into companies with regard to 
Success through capital raising and network consulting. 

As a results-oriented organisation we are constantly looking 

for ambitious and visionary partners who are eagerly and flexibly 

willing to Take your company to the next level. For detailed 

Information, please refer to the following information about our 

investment process and level.

We will be happy to help you with your commitment.


Andrzej Voigt - CEO & Founder of AV INWESTOR S.A.




Assistance after the floods in Bogatynia

Urgent report and assessment of flood losses for Waterworks and Sewage

Treatment Plant in Bogatynia, in order to obtain funds from the Regional

Environmental Protection Fund in the form of grants. Preparation of documentation 

necessary for negotiations with the insurance company. 

The undertaken actions allowed to obtain nearly PLN 9.5 million of subsidies 

and PLN 5.050 million of compensation.


Investment advisory with equity participation

Intraco II in Warsaw


Gdansk Refinery

Stage I:
Strategic advisory for the Polish fuel companies for participation in the privatization of the Gdansk Refinery S.A.
Stage II:
The creation of a special purpose company, a Gdańsk Consortium SA with the participation of Polish capital of 17 companies, including AV Inwestor S.A. and coordination of in technical, financial, and legal and marketing due diligence of Gdansk Refinery S.A.
Stage III:
Conducting negotiations with Nafta Polska S.A.(State Agency for Oil Industry)being to the short list of potential investors in cooperation with KPMG (privatization consultant) and two foreign commercial banks.

The value of the planned investment was of about 200 million USD.

Handlowiec i architekt na budowie

Residential project

Investment project, housing construction: 
construction of approx. 1000 flats, Wrocław Agglomeration 
Value of the investment: ca. PLN 260 million 
Location: Poland 
Commencement of implementation: 2006 
Completion of the investment: 2009 
The role of AV Inwestor SA: 

  • Project preparation and purchase of real estate for an Austrian investor, June 2006: 5 million EUR.

  • Preparation of the business plan of the project and a debt financing mandate for 20 million EUR.

Budynek w budowie

Office Centre, 75 000 sqm, Warsaw - project


the project started on May 2006 
completion of the project: no time frame
The role of AV Inwestor SA  :

  • project due diligence and take over of 15 000 sq meters ( 19,4% of total building area ).

  • capital group international establishing capital and debt financing of take over transactions - investment value of approx.100 mil PLN.


Chemical & ecofuels production - project

Production of chemicals and eco-fuels 
Value of the project: PLN 54 million, 
Location: Poland 
Commencement of implementation: October 2006 
Completion: March 2009 

The role of AV Inwestor SA: 

  • Consultancy in project planning, legal and financial due diligence.

  • Acquisition of a foreign investor - 2. 5 million EUR.

  • Organising debt financing - 9 million EUR.


Telecom GSM - project

Value of the project: EUR 500 million 
Location: Poland 
Commencement of implementation: March 2007 
Completion of investment: December 2009 

The role of AV Inwestor SA: 

  • Acquisition of a strategic investor -30 million EUR.



Investment advice with equity participation

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NIP: 526-246-83-10
REGON: 016309328
Court of Registration for M.St.Warsaw in Warsaw XIV Commercial Division
KRS: 0000229750
Initial capital: 1 000 000 PLN


Firma godna zaufania means in english

A trustworthy company.

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