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Plot in Warsaw 

  • Availabel for sale

  • Great and unique plot located in the Warsaw park in Wola. 

  • Area of the plot: 6. 6 ha 

  • Can be built 51,000 GLA 

  • Installation height 12 metres



Plot in Warsaw in Italy district

  • During Sale

  • Plot located in Warsaw in the Włochy district in a very good location 

  • 4,8 Ha with the possibility of extension to 10-13 Ha mainly for housing construction 

  • 1 Interest

Price from:

45-120 MLN PLN

Plot in Tychy

  • Availabel for sale

  • Area: 1,176 Ha, 

  • Possessed Development Conditions for a residential building 

  • Possibility of building about 15,000 PUM 

  • Attractive Location


During negotiations

Plot in Lodz

  • Availabel for sale

  • The plot is located between the centre of Łódź and Manofaktura, which makes it a very good location. 

  • There is a concept for the development of 3500 m2 of usable area plus garages and common areas of 6300 m2 in total.



Plot in Warsaw 
Park in Śródmieście!

  • Availabel for sale

  • The plot is located in the Warsaw park in the city centre in a unique location. 

  • Area of the plot: 0. 99 ha 

  • With hotel and service concept with museum function and underground car park 

  • Installation height 16.6 metres


59,5 MLN PLN

Plot in Katowice

  • Availabel for sale

  • There is a building permit 

  • Possible construction of 100 apartments 

  • a total of approx. 4,500 PUM


13 MLN PLN Netto

Plot in Katowice

  • Availabel for sale

  • In a very attractive location next to Spodek in Katowice 

  • Land area 1,352 Ha 

  • Possibility of building a 28,000 PUM residential building


25 MLN PLN Netto

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Plot in Warsaw in Wilanow district

  • Availabel for sale

  • The plot is located in the fast-growing Wilanów in Warsaw. 

  • Area of the plot: 0.6 ha 

  • Possibility of building 8,000 PUM 

  • Intended for commercial services



Plot in Kraków in downtown

  • Availabel for sale

  • Valid construction conditions 

  • Plot 0. 327 Ha just by the Vistula river boulevards 

  • Possibility of building 5.500- 6.000 PUM Apartments


14,5 MLN PLN Netto

Plot in Opole

  • Availabel for sale

  • The plot is located close to the railway tracks, which can be a big advantage in terms of transport. 

  • Plot area: 5. 7 Ha in about 60% of the plot are hardened areas 

  • Two-storey office and warehouse building with a laboratory with a surrounding area, a concrete plant, numerous entanglements and aggregate boxes. 

  • The decision allowing the collection and treatment of construction waste is valid until 2025.



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