Remuneration for

Strategic Consultancy

1. hourly settlements system - the amount of remuneration is determined on the basis of the number of hours worked.

2. System of lump-sum remuneration - the amount of remuneration is fixed and determined on a monthly basis - the lump sum includes the number of working hours per month agreed with the Client, where the Adviser is entitled to additional remuneration for each working hour exceeding the number of working hours agreed with the Client (the hourly rate in the lump sum system is lower than in the system Remuneration for investment advisory services.

3.The system with success fee -

in some cases the element of remuneration may be the bonus for the outcome of the case.


*The activity covers all areas related to the preparation and organization of an investment project, including mainly the organization of its financing and M&A transactions with the exception of the public sector (securities trading and other sectors requiring special licenses and permits).

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